About Us - Luxury Wellness Spa & Skincare Shop

Greenhaus Studio is a boutique Organic Wellness Spa & Skincare Shop in the heart of Mt Lawley on Beaufort Street.

As a mindful retailer, we have carefully selected a small number of skincare & wellness brands that meet our strict and high ethical standards. Everything we offer in our store is Australian (with many being West Australian), 100% natural, completely free from synthetic ingredients, ethical, sustainable and cruelty-free. All of our products are vegan, made with the purest, high performing organic ingredients to deliver the best results for you and our environment.

Natural & Organic Wellness Spa

We have partnered with a variety of award-winning, Australian, natural, organic luxury brands, such as Sodashi, to create a range of holistic facial & body treatments to rejuvenate, relax and balance your body and mind the natural way. We also offer Reiki sessions by a certified Usui Reiki Master to help the restore the flow of universal energy allowing your body to operate at its optimum level.

Infrared Sauna
Recommended by doctors and wellness experts for it's health benefits, our top of the range infrared sauna offers deep penetration to ensure maximum benefit, at a lower air temperature than traditional saunas, making it a more comfortable experience. A variety of benefits have been validated by top medical journals around the world, including weight loss & increased metabolism, muscle pain relief, immune system boost, detoxification (at a cellular level), stress reduction and ease fatigue, joint pain relief, just to name a few. Regular visits to the infrared sauna, will have you functioning and feeling your best.

Scientific approach to Wellbeing
At greenhaus we use a scientific evidence based approach to holistic wellbeing. Based on world leading certification, wellbeing plans are created specifically for each individual, covering physical and mental wellbeing. Packages are available including yoga and meditation classes, meal plans (and healthy pre-prepared vegetarian/vegan meals), holistic body treatments using luxury locally produced products, oils and crystals, infrared sauna, personal trainer and physio consults, sleep plans and more. The outcome is a plan to work towards being at your best.