Elemental Balance - Crystals & Yoga

quartz crystal

Friday 15th November, 6:15pm - 7:45pm, Book Here
$50 which includes personal crystal reading and three crystals to take home

The five elements of nature are the building blocks of all physical existence including our body. The five elements are Space, Air, Water, Fire and Earth, when they are in balance, we feel at our best.

The five elements explains why substances of nature are harmonious with our body and can be easily utilised to support and balance the elements within our body. This includes plants, minerals, water etc. This workshop will focus on the harmonious relationship between the five elements without our body and specific minerals, in the form of crystals, and how they can be used to support our wellbeing.

In this workshop we welcome qualified gemologist and crystal healer, Kyle, who will take us through:

  • How the five elements effect our wellbeing
  • How crystal energy can impact elemental energy
  • An individual crystal reading for each attendee based on the elements and provide each person with 3 crystals beneficial to their state to take home
  • A guided meditation to connect with the crystal and it's energy

Founder of greenhaus studio, Tarli, will then lead a yoga sequence specifically designed to balance the five elements within our body.

Places are limited so bookings are required.