Mindful Birth - Childbirth Preparation Workshop

Sunday, 8th March, 1pm - 5pm
Afternoon tea provided
For Mum and Support Person
Mindful Birth Childbirth Preparation is one of the few childbirth preparation workshops based on evidenced based research on the efficacy of mindfulness in childbirth and beyond.
Pregnancy, birth and beyond is a transformative, life changing time in a women’s life. At the same, it time it can come with a lot of fear, anxiety and worry about birth and becoming a parent.
In this workshop, we explore the journey of birth. We discus practical information to help soon-to-be parents prepare for the labour, birth and beyond. The workshop is open to expectant mothers and their birth support person.
In hopes of easing some of the fears and anxieties around labour, we will discuss relevant topics that will help you build confidence and empower you with information for your birth. There will be plenty of time for you and your partner to practice skills to help you understand and cope with the different concerns of labour.
You will learn relaxation and labour support skills and practices to work with -and through- the rhythm of labour and birth.
Key topics for this workshop:
  • The physiology of birth. What happens during the labour process
  • Contractions and sensation in labour and how to proactively manage it. 
  • Learn various tools (movement, breath, meditation, visualisation) that you can access anytime during labour
  • Positioning to facilitate the progress of labour and birth
  • How to minimise the chance of back labour or actively cope with it
  • Feeling safe and loved during labour by creating a personal birthing environment (at home or in hospital).
  • Use of water in labour and birth.
  • Massage and touch to ease the pain of labour
  • Practical information for birth partners to help them understand some the effective ways to support woman in labour. We'll also discuss self care for birth support (yes, that is important too)
  • Skills to communicate effectively with your birth partner and healthcare team
  • Proactively working through common challenges in labour
  • Options and guidance to make informed choices about pain relief, compassionate use of epidurals, and medical interventions, including cesarean birth (gentle c-section)
  • And an overview of the first few days postpartum and considerations like having visitors, sleep, and considerations for a woman’s recovery from birth.
Price includes your birth support person, afternoon tea and materials to take home.
Workshop is taught by Samantha Briatico, Mindful Birth Teacher Trainer, Doula in training, Yoga Instructor and loving Mother.
Registration is required and numbers are limited