Mindfulness Meditation

Private Sessions
We also offer private mindfulness meditation sessions, taught by highly trained and experienced meditation practitioner with over 25 years meditation experience. These sessions are a great way to learn the proper techniques and and methods to support your ongoing meditation practise at home and incorporate mindfulness into your daily life.
These sessions include mindfulness meditation techniques to focus our attention and awareness in order to enhance our mental and physical wellbeing, bring about greater clarity, calm, relaxation, concentration and contentedness.
This class will also include visualisation and concentration techniques to help bring about beneficial states such as improved health, happiness, kindness and compassion.

Neuroscience is now showing the ability for the brain to transform through meditation. This is highlighting the natural ability for us to transform unhelpful emotions and habitual patterns to beneficial states of mind, through the techniques practised during meditation.

Through meditation, the focus is directed towards the inner experience, allowing us to connect with our natural, true state of being, which in turn allows us to connect with the true nature of all beings.
We all know the well documented negative physical and mental impacts of stress, and now we know that meditation not only counters this, but brings about the opposite; an improved state of mental and physical health and wellbeing.
Private Sessions are $95, with a discount provided for a block of sessions. Book your session below.