Mindfulness Meditation Workshop

What is the mind?

We always hear about "mindfulness", but what does it actually mean, and how do we properly practise it? More importantly, why would we practise it?

This workshop will be taught by Tarli, an experienced meditator of over 30 years, who has been and continues to be, guided by the greatest living meditation masters of our time.

The workshop will cover:

  1. benefits of meditation, both physical and mental
  2. the definition of mind, and how we can use meditation to abide in the natural state of our mind
  3. the techniques of how to meditate, the main barriers and how to overcome them
  4. a number of meditation practises that can be integrated into our daily life, including:
    1. walking meditation,
    2. basic mindfulness practises and
    3. healing meditations
  5. how meditation provides a path for personal growth, health and wellbeing

The workshop will be held on Sunday 29th March, 1:00 pm - 4:30 pm, with an afternoon tea break (afternoon tea provided) and time for questions and discussion.

Registration is required and numbers are limited. The workshop is $95 per person. 

mindfulness meditation workshop