Organic Skin Packages

Skin Detox & Renewal Package - $580
This deep cleanse program includes four 60 minute facials, to be completed in one month, each a week apart. This facial program includes a combination of our Brightening Marine Mineral Facial, to provide a deep detox and purification of the skin and the Vitamin Boost Facial, to renew and nourish your skin. Each facial includes a skin analysis to customise the treatment to your skincare needs. Total saving of $80.

Skin Detox & Renewal Package with Sauna - $725
Our Skin Detox & Renewal Package can be combined with a weekly sauna session to maximise the benefits. As our skin is impacted by our nutrition, we also recommend our 7 day food and juice cleanse as the perfect partner to this treatment. However, it also works beautifully on it's own. Total saving of $115.

Skin Nourish and Restore - $660 
A beautiful skin program to restore youthfulness and nourishment to your skin over a one month period. This program starts with the 90 minute Thermal Luminosity Facial, followed by a Vitamin Boost Facial the following week. The 90 minute Crystal Vitality Facial follows, boosting collagen with the added benefits of our soothing, healing crystal face massage. The fourth week finishes with the deeply nourishing Vitamin Boost Facial. Each facial includes a skin analysis to customise the treatment to your skincare needs. Total saving of $70.

Skin Clinic Membership - $260 per month for 3 months
Looking after your skin, is more than just that. The skin being the largest organ of the body, also has the largest impact on our immune system (along with the lungs and digestive system, the main areas where external interacts with our internal systems). More than just immunity, our organic holistic face treatments, incorporate our signature acupressure face massage, stimulating the major systems of the body to support optimal balance and overall health. My favourite benefit is the time investment in self care. Taking time out to be 100% focused on your own wellbeing is a scientifically proven way to flourish.
Our monthly skin clinic includes the following, every month for 3 months:
- 1 x skin assessment 
- 1 x 90 minute facial treatment
- 1 x 30 minute express facial treatment
- All for $260 per month, with a total saving of $135