Sleep Soundly

Friday 6th December 6:15 pm - 7:30 pm
Sleep is as essential to life as food and water. But do we give it the priority it deserves. Do we have a plan like we would a nutrition plan to ensure we are getting optimum amounts of restorative sleep? According to studies a vast majority of people wake up tired and don't get enough sleep. This has a critical impact on immune function, brain function, including memory and cognition, proper hormonal function, serotonin production and many more.
In this workshop:
  • each individual will build an effective sleep management plan, focusing on 1-2 key areas that will help improve the quality of sleep. You will learn important methods and science that will help you optimise your sleep and improve your daily life.
  • We will also practise self-massage,
  • A restorative yoga sequence
  • Finishing with Yoga Nidra all which supports restful and restorative sleep
Each person will leave with scientifically proven practises to improve sleep, outlined in a personalised sleep plan, as well as an aromatherapy perfume roller specifically designed to help induce relaxation and restful sleep as well as a box of organic Sleep Tea designed by a Melbourne naturopath, full of relaxing herbs to help sleep and overcome sleep disorders.
The workshop costs $50 which includes over $40 of take home goodies, plus the plan and knowledge to help improve your wellbeing for life.
image via @gabski_