The Art of Slow

The Art of Slow: Understanding the Power of Slowing Down
4 Week Course Thursday 6:15pm - 7:30pm
Date TBC - May

This course will help you to understanding the art of moving slow and the benefits it brings to our physical and mental wellbeing. Each week, the course will focus on different topics including yoga, mindfulness, daily rituals and an understanding of the nervous system.

We are living in a fast paced world. Everything is moving faster, our minds are constantly stimulated with information coming from many different sources. The result can be an information overload, more stress, overwhelm and anxiety, and insomnia.
There is an old paradigm of thinking that faster is better, but this is not the truth. Slowing down is very a powerful tool and has massive benefits to our health, mental clarity and to our overall wellbeing and productivity.
In this workshop, we will talk about the effects of moving at such a speed and how this impacts our physical and mental health . We will practice different tools and share some beneficial daily rituals including yoga, meditation and breathing practices, which we can easily incorporate in our daily life to help us slow down.
This workshop is a chance for us to really understand that we have the power to step out of our habits and create new ones that help us slow down, feel more energised, live more presently and achieve more in our lives.
  1. Week 1: What's the Rush? ( Basically this topic is about how we have programmed ourselves to rush or have our patterns and habits to be in a Rush) - Slow Flow with meditation
  2. Week 2: Sympathetic vs Parasympathetic Nervous System - Restorative Yoga and Yoga Nidra
  3. Week 3: Let It Be - tapping into the yin qualities. Can we be ok with doing nothing for some time during our day (talk about how we are constantly stimulated and distracted) - Yin and meditation
  4. Week 4:The Power of Rituals to help slow down and live more mindfully - Grounding flow with pranayama and body scan
Registration is required, number are limited.