Cleanse & Nourish - 7 Day Organic Juice Cleanse
Cleanse & Nourish - 7 Day Organic Juice Cleanse
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Cleanse & Nourish - 7 Day Organic Juice Cleanse

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Start your digestive cleanse today with our 7 day vegan / vegetarian meal and organic juice and tea cleanse. Pick up from our studio in Mt Lawley.

What's included:

  • 7 x Cleanse Juice - Support your liver and digestive system, with this cleansing blend of greens
  • 7 x Nourish Juice - Support your immune system with this vitamin and antioxidant rich cold-pressed organic juice
  • Include 2 Boxes of Organic Wellness Tea, developed by Naturopahs to enhance health and wellbeing

Want to know a little more...
The two cold-pressed juices, designed by Greenhaus, are the Cleanse blend of pear, celery, ginger and lemon, which supports the digestive and liver cleanse. The Nourish juice is a strawberry, orange, watermelon and lemon blend, full of vitamins to help nourish the immune system. They are made from locally sourced organic produce and cold pressed to retain maximum nutritional value.

What's next...

Place your order and we will contact you to confirm the pick-up day (usually Tuesday and Thursday)

Want to take a holistic approach to your detox...

Breakfast add-on available as a separate purchase via online store

If you'd like to combine your juice cleanse with healthy vegan or vegetarian meals, see our Food and Juice Cleanse options


Include infrared sauna sessions, yoga & pilates classes, reiki sessions, facials and a wellbeing consultation for a sleep improvement plan.

Feel free to contact us for more information.