Collagen Science Skincare Trio - Mini Starter Kit

Collagen Science Skincare Trio - Mini Starter Kit

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Clinically formulated, organic skin care with individual or synergistic benefits for plump, healthy, hydrated skin.

Resurface | Replenish | Protect

Three formulations to resurface, re-hydrate, protect and repair skin barrier health.

Clinically formulated to restore healthy, radiant skin and defend against damaged aging by activating collagen and elastin while replenishing fatty acids and nutrients in the skin.

Made with 100% certified organic plant extracts, super-foods and botanicals.

THE SKIN TRIO INCLUDES 15ml (mini size)
LiftExfoliate, resurface and refine dull or inflamed skin while strengthening the skin barrier

Collagen RestoreGolden Kelp extracts clinically stimulate collagen synthesis, restoration and active repair of damaged, dehydrated cells.

Collagen Protect - Nutrient-rich oils and botanicals clinically formulated to deliver hydrating vitamins and nutrients, stimulate collagen and elastin within the skin and seal in moisture

Lime Pearl Caviar - all natural AHA & BHAs 

Sustainable Sea Minerals: Clinically shown to re-mineralize the skin, enhance cellular turnover & stimulate collagen synthesis.

Organic Plant Extracts: To saturate skin in protective nutrients and active nourishment for radiant, hydrated skin.