Body Oil - Peace
Body Oil - Peace
Body Oil - Peace

Body Oil - Peace

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Greenhaus Studio Wellness Blends - Peace Body Oil


Envelop yourself in this ultra hydrating, highly absorbent Body Oil made with the purest ingredients and organic essential oils. Envelop yourself in this silky Body Oil and aromas that will soothe your body, mind and soul.

This blend is based on lavender and chamomile, to calm, relax and centre your body and mind. Perfect to use before bed, in times of stress, to ease a headache or to calm the nervous system. 

To use, shake the bottle to active the ingredients, and massage all over the body. Ideally done after a bath or shower when the skin is clean and warm, ready to absorb the pure plant extracts and essences. You can add the oil to the bath for an indulgent self-care ritual. The Body Oil can also be mixed with our Body Scrub in the palm of your hand to emulsify and smooth before exfoliating your skin.

100% Natural, Organic, Vegan, Cruelty Free. Handmade in WA.

Love | Peace | Happiness

Available as Body Oil, Body Scrub, Face Mist

Taking time to source the most pure, high quality, sustainable & ethical ingredients is the foundation of our Wellness Blends, to ensure they are high performing while being kind to you and the environment.

100% pure and natural ensures our products work in perfect harmony with your body, free from chemicals, pesticides, synthetics and animal products. Delivering you the benefit of the whole plant ingredients, to return your skin to it's optimal state, the way nature intended. 

This means our products help support the natural microbiome of your skin, rather than breaking it down the way synthetic ingredients do. In this way, your skin and immunity is strengthened as you use the products.