Detox & Cleanse - Organic Vegan Breakfast Add-on
Detox & Cleanse - Organic Vegan Breakfast Add-on
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Detox & Cleanse - Organic Vegan Breakfast Add-on

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While completing your 7 Day Food & Organic Juice Cleanse, with hot meals provided for lunch and dinner, why not include our nutritious breakfast option, for an additional $49

You will get...

  • 7 organic, vegan coconut, lime and berry chia puddings
  • Box of 20 Organic Vitality Tea bags to get you started on your day
We recommend your detox is caffeine free. Which is why we suggest starting your day with the Organic Vitality Tea, which has carefully blended by a naturopath, to restore vitality and support energy production. Siberian ginseng, rhodiola, and astragalus, offer therapeutic qualities, that have traditionally been used to enhance energy production, reduce fatigue, and help support physical endurance. This holistic and harmonizing tonic offers a balanced flavour of sweet and zesty herbs.