Home Facial Kit - Organic Ayurveda Rose Ritual

Home Facial Kit - Organic Ayurveda Rose Ritual

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Medicine for the skin, body & mind.

The blissful aromas and sensuous textures of our pure certified organic products are soothing, uplifting and envelop you in a cocoon of utter wellness. Every single one of the Aika 100% certified organic products carry the potent life force of our whole plant ingredients. Your skin recognises these pure formulas which are free from synthetics and fillers as true nourishment as they act in harmony with our body’s natural healing.

This ritual has been designed exclusively by Greenhaus Studio, to deeply nourish and calm the skin, and balance our body and mind.

This ritual is suitable for all skin types, especially sensitive or stressed skin. The range we have selected is full of ingredients that are cooling, soothing and pacifying for reducing sensitivity and redness, calming breakouts and keeping your skin feeling hydrated and comforted. The products are mindfully created to be de-stressing and calming for the emotions and mind full of beautiful aromas, in particular Rose.

The ritual comes with full step by step instructions, as well as all the products you require for the ultimate indulgence. 

The Organic Rose Ritual Home Facial Kit includes enough product for 1-2 treatments