Retreat (Immunity) Pure Essential Oil Blend

Retreat (Immunity) Pure Essential Oil Blend

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10ml Blend of Pure Essential Oils

Helps clear energies, aids in promoting mental alertness and combating fatigue. Perfect essence for pre winter, as it saturates your system with healing levels of antiseptic, anti-viral and deodorising properties.

Lemon Gum: Known for its antiseptic, uplifting and refreshing actions on the respiratory system.
Nerolina: An earthy essence with a fresh fruity aroma, that uplifts and calms.
Sweet Orange: High Vitamin C content, a gentle stimulant for the digestive system, soothing and eases nervous tension.

How to Use:

Place two drops into the bowl of a burner with some water and allow to diffuse – use at home, in the bedroom or in the office.
Use one drop on the pillow before bedtime.
Place one to two drops into bathtub under running water, lie back and breathe abdominally For 15 minutes