Deluxe Eco Yoga Mat 6mm Thick
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Deluxe Eco Yoga Mat 6mm Thick

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Dense and supportive these yoga mats are 6mm thick providing you with the support and sturdiness required for your practise. With grip surface these mats are easy to use and non slip design. however if you sweat a lot or tend to skip in your practise we always recommend adding a grip towel on top of your mat.

These mats are made from 6P free Eco PVC and provide firm cushioning to support your practise. They are high quality and long lasting, supporting your practise for a decade to come. They have a smooth texture and ultra "stickiness", which is why it's the most popular material still used today.

Dimensions: 183cm x 61 cm x 6mm

Pre-loved Studio Mats are also available for just $15.
Only 6 months old and cleaned after every use, using organic essential oil cleaner that is antivirval, antibacterial and antifungal. Note - we stopped using our studio mats early March, before the forced closure.