Our values & commitment


All of our products are 100% natural, organic and completely free of synthetic ingredients, additives and toxins. We take this commitment seriously and even use organic cotton bedding in our day spa and organic washing liquid to launder.

Using natural & organic skincare helps rebuild and restore the natural microbiome of the skin, which is our skin's immune system and natural defense, allowing it to operate at it's optimal state. Our body recognises the whole plant ingredients and automatically extracts the nutrients directly. With more than 65% of what we put on our skin entering the bloodstream, living a low-tox life by removing toxins from our skincare products is key.


We ensure all of our products are 100% cruelty-free and have never been tested on animals. All of our skincare is vegan. Our only non-vegan product in the store is our Imbibe Collagen supplement, which we can assure you meets the ethical farming standards and is a byproduct, not the primary reason of the farming. We have also chosen to partner with brands that promote ethics as part of their business operations and some display this by actively supporting the employment of permanently disabled colleagues, donating a percentage of profits to local charities and more.


Every brand we have carefully chosen to partner with and proudly offer in our spa rituals and store, has been produced using sustainable practises. With minimal packaging, zero or minimal plastic, and using small-batch handmade practises along with locally sourced ingredients we ensure these selfcare moments not only promote our own wellbeing but that of our environment and the creatures we share it with. Many of the brands we have partnered with go beyond this with further sustainable practises, such as planting trees for every $100 spent.

All of our online orders are posted using Australia's only carbon neutral delivery service.


Part of sustainability is supporting local businesses, reducing the carbon emissions produced due to worldwide shipping. Every brand is 100% proudly Australian and half of our skincare brands are Western Australian. Supporting local business promotes our economy, supports our community and connects us to the land we live in.


We just as passionate about quality and performance as we are nature & sustainability. Every product we have selected comes from award-winning brands, with scientifically formulated and tested products to ensure efficacy and performance. With years of research and ongoing testing, the brands we partner with place quality as their top priority.