Our values


The best way to support your own and other’s wellbeing is through kindness. Supporting yourself and all beings is the source of happiness. Science thinks so too 😊


Creating a supportive, non-harmful environment, contributes to wellbeing for all. All products used and sold at greenhaus have been ethically sourced and sustainably produced, to minimise the “harm” to the environment. Organic, chemical free, cruelty-free and as natural as possible. Aligning with businesses that share our vision and values remains essential to greenhaus.


Being in harmony with nature and connecting with nature, enhances wellbeing. This can be achieved in simple ways, such as houseplants, essential oils, natural crystals and organic produce, which are the basis of our wellbeing shop. Studies have linked a lost connection to nature as having a negative impact on our wellbeing, while other studies show that “nature bathing”, or simply put, mindful time spent in nature enhances our physical as well as mental health. At greenhaus studio, we promote the development of wellbeing by connecting with what’s natural, by embracing what is already there.

Giving back

A percentage of all profits will be donated to two different charities. Greenhaus studio is an official supporter of Beyond Blue, with the vision that all people in Australian achieve their best possible mental health. Beyond Blue are there to support all Australians. Keeping it local, greenhaus are also official supporters of CROFT Inc Crisis Accommodation, based in Inglewood, with the vision to create a world where everyone feels at home, they provide crisis accommodation for up to 20 men and women each night.


All of us are dependent upon the community in which we live, from the local to the national level. Supporting and celebrating our local community is a key value of greenhaus. Over 90% of all products used and sold at greenhaus studio are from local artisans, creatives, farmers and entrepreneurs. From the custom-made bolsters from Fremantle, the art on the walls, the cold-pressed juice, the linen sold in the shop and the organic tea served after a treatment, the local community is celebrated at greenhaus.