Holistic Skin Consultation


We offer Holistic Skin Consultations for $75, redeemable for products. The consultation includes a skin analysis, Ayurveda dosha assessment, personalised product recommendations and a treatment plan. Book below.

We take a holistic approach to our skin consultations, and include an Ayurdedic Dosha assessment as part of the consultation, which can be very useful in understanding our basic skin type and tendencies.
Ayurvedic wisdom, teaches us that all matter is composed of the five universal elements existing in nature; fire (heat), water, earth, air/wind and space. Your dosha is essentially your predominant elements which impact your unique body type, genetic makeup and emotional tendencies. It can be used to help guide your choices around food, exercise, rest and daily activities.
Each skin consultation will include a number of questions about your skin, how it looks, feels, it's texture and your main concerns. We will also ask you what's the one thing you'd like to change about your skin, if you had a magic wand.
Skin consultations are useful even if you're relatively happy with your skin. Using the correct combination of skin care can bring out the best for your skin, body and mind.
As part of each skin consultation you will receive personalised product recommendations as well as detailed daily & weekly skincare rituals with full instructions for your home care as well as a treatment plan. 
All our skincare is 100% natural and organic and works in perfect harmony with your body to create the optimal state.
We believe in beauty the way nature intended as the most conducive approach for wellbeing for yourself and the environment.