Intentionally Curated Clean Beauty & Wellness

Greenhaus exists at the intersection of nature and innovation, curating a wellness experience that emphasises naturality and delivers unrivalled results by leveraging world-leading skincare with patented technology that triggers the body's own healing wisdom.

Every treatment, every product is intentionally curated, ensuring it aligns with and reflects our dedication to crafting a journey that’s not only effective but deeply resonant and purposeful. Drawing from traditional healing modalities such as Ayurveda, acupressure, and Reiki, we combine these with scientifically formulated skincare to transport you into a state of deep relaxation and renewal, ensuring both naturality and results in every experience.

We aim to inspire mindful self-care moments with our curated selection of cutting-edge, science-backed, natural skincare, perfume & wellness products. Being exclusive stockists to many of our brands, offering a unique experience with every visit. 

Our boutique spa studio is a sanctuary where ancient wisdom meets modern science, offering proprietary-designed treatments, delivering optimal skin and wellness results. 

Being grounded in naturality, allows us to counter the stressors of daily life, using luxurious natural & organic products to achieve our optimal state and down regulate the central nervous system. Pausing to be in the present moment and focusing on our inner quality of care allows us to operate at our best, delivering consistent natural results, while supporting the environment and creatures we share it with.