Treatment Enhancements

To Complement Any Treatment, Include the Following
Ayurvedic Head Massage & Hair Treatment - $65
This nourishing herbal hair serum is rich in traditional Ayurvedic herbs of Amla, Brahmi, Liquorice and Tulsi prescribed by the ancient texts for nourishing and calming the nervous system, relieving stress, promoting incredible shine to hair and soothing irritated and dry scalp conditions. This nourishing treatment is massaged into the scalp and hair, providing a nourishing boost without leaving a heavy residue. Ultra relaxing, this provides tension relief, promoting a state of peacefulness, wellbeing and a deep and restful sleep.
Calming Foot & Leg Ritual - $85
This treatment starts with a refreshing organic magnesium rich exfoliation, to cleanse the skin and restore fatigued muscles, followed by a refining pink clay mask to nourish, calm and soothe, finishing off with a deeply relaxing moisturising massage using organic restorative balm. This foot and lower leg ritual relaxes, rejuvenates and inspires feelings of peace and serenity.
LED Light Therapy 15 mins - $85 (add to facial) or 30 min - $105
Our medical-grade, FDA-approved, LED Light Therapy treats the face and décolletage areas of the skin. Offering a broad-spectrum approach to LED with seven light variations, allowing us to create a bespoke treatment that addresses a wide variety of skin types and concerns. Our LED assists in; combating acne-causing bacteria, stimulating collagen-producing fibroblasts, reducing future breakouts from occurring, promoting the healing of scars and blemishes, tightening the skin, reducing pigmentation and visible signs of ageing - ultimately resulting in a healthier and more youthful complexion. Available as a stand-alone treatment (30 mins / $105) or an add-on to any of our existing facials (15 mins / $85). 
Ayurvedic Rose Exfoliation - $65 back only / $95 Full Body
Detoxifying, calming & destressing, this gentle Ayurvedic Rose Body Polish cools and calms the nervous system, strengthens the immune system and provides gentle exfoliation to reveal soft silky skin.
Organic Essentials Facial 30 min - $105
The perfect addition to any massage. This deeply nourishing treatment, customised to your exact skincare needs, will revitalise your skin on a cellular level. This 30 minute facial includes a deep cleanse, aromatic warm compress, enzyme polish to support cellular turnover, our signature Ayurvedic Marma Point face massage with hydrating serum, followed by nutrient rich face mist and nourishing moisturiser.
Relaxing Back Massage 30 min - $95
The perfect addition to any facial, this soothing rhythmic back massage will induce a deep sense of relaxation to the body and mind.
Full Body Dry Brushing 30 min - $95
Enhance circulation, detoxification, lymphatic drainage and cellular turnover with this ancient Ayurvedic tradition known as garshana. The perfect add-on to any massage ritual.
Reiki Energy Healing Treatment 30 min - $95
Performed by certified Usui Reiki Master to help centre and align the Universal Life Force energy to flow freely throughout the body, to help support the body's natural healing ability. Allow your own energy to flow freely throughout your body with this deeply relaxing and rejuvenating treatment. This holistic treatment uses specialised aromatherapy to enhance the emotional benefit of the treatment, which in turn can alleviate stagnation and revitalise depleted energy. Your treatment may also include a crystal recommendation. Crystals vibrate at their own unique frequency, as do the cells in our body and subtle energy centres within our body. 
Champagne & Nibbles -  $30
Looking to make your time with us, extra special? Enjoy some sparkling wine, fresh fruit and nuts prior to your treatment. All our treatments include our organic immunity tea, vegan chocolate and water, however if you'd like to come a little earlier to enjoy some bubbles, just let us know.
Bright Eyes Ritual - $30
The perfect enhancement to any massage, enjoy a brightening eye mask, eye lifting gel and eye creams while we relax your body and mind. Note: this is included in all facials already.
Infrared Sauna - $50 for one $75 for two people (Mt Lawley Location)
Start your treatment with a relaxing and detoxifying infrared sauna session for 30 minutes. Infrared sauna use helps increase blood flow to the surface of the skin and boosts collagen production. Studies also show it helps to relax and soothe the muscles, increase oxygenation throughout the body, boosts the immune system and metabolism and supports deep detoxification of long held toxins. 
Note: These can only be booked with one of our other services and are not stand-alone treatments