Organic Spa Rituals



Mindfully created to restore balance to the body and mind, pared with curated high-performance, natural skin and body care.

Luxury Cocoon Ritual
90 mins $315 for one, $615 for double | 120 min $410 for one, $795 for double
This organic indulgent full body experience is ultra-hydrating, nourishing & repairing for the skin, with age-defying benefits. This ritual begins with a full body Dry Brush to stimulate the lymphatic and immune systems and a magnesium rich Body Polish to detoxify and smooth the skin while rejuvenating tired muscles; followed by a purifying pink clay Body Mask to soften, tone & firm the skin. As you're wrapped in organic cotton while the mask nourishes the body, our signature Ayurvedic Marma Point Face Massage relaxes and heals the energy pathways of the body & mind. Once the body mask is removed, a soothing application of organic anti-ageing Body Balm nourishes the skin. Leaving your skin naturally radiant, this ritual is perfect to enhance circulation, reduce cellulite, restore tired muscles and nourish dry & dehydrated skin. 
The perfect add-on - extended Back Massage (for an extended relaxation with Ayurvedic oils) and Ayurvedic Head Massage & Treatment

Greenhaus Ultimate Renewal
2 hr 30 min $499 for one, $985 for double
Where nature & luxury combine. This relaxing ritual includes an Ayurvedic Back Exfoliation with herbal rose infused sea salt, a Full Body Intuitive Massage with soothing & grounding organic body oil, followed by a Collagen Restore Facial, finishing with our Ayurvedic Head Massage & hair treatment. This head-to-toe luxurious renewal ritual will leave you feeling completely relaxed, deeply connected and rejuvenated. Using world-class award-winning organic skincare handmade in Australia with scientifically backed results for your skin, body & mind.

Arabian Oud Renewal
90 min $300 or $590 for two people | 120 min $395 or $780 for two people
This deluxe treatment works on both face and body, delivering incredible results in terms of released muscular & emotional tension, detoxification, hydration and skin radiance. Starting with a soothing signature Back Massage followed by a luxurious Calming Facial treatment. The benefits of this exceptional holistic treatment extend far beyond the physical. This luxurious treatment uses the rarest and most sacred oil on the planet, Oud, which has a profound ability to invoke a deep sense of strength and peace, bringing stillness, focus and clarity to the whole being.

Mother Nurture
2 hrs $395 or $780 for two people
This luxurious head-to-toe relaxation pamper includes our Vitamin Hydration Facial customised to your skin type, restoring your optimal state of radiance; as well as our deeply relaxing, nurture & restore Full Body Lymphatic Massage finishing with our popular Ayurvedic Head Massage & Hair Treatment for deep relaxation & restoration. Nurture yourself with nature with this deeply restorative ritual. Popular choice during pregnancy to relax, nurture, reduce swelling & fluid retention.

Greenhaus Rejuvenation Retreat
4 hrs $695 or $1,380 for two people
A total body mind rejuvenation experience featuring a Full Body Dry Brush followed by our Nourishing Pink Clay Body Mask, while you're wrapped in organic cotton, experience our Ayurvedic Head Massage, before the body mask is removed and followed by our Nurture & Restore Massage finishing off with a Hydrating Facial. Give back to your body & mind with this 4 hour retreat, including vegan snacks & organic herbal wellness tea. An experience like no other to achieve your optimal state of wellbeing.

Greenhaus Custom Spa Ritual  - $varies
Create your own Spa Ritual by selecting any combination of our organic Facials, Massages, Spa Rituals & Enhancements to suit your skin, body & mind. Or contact us for recommendations.