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Our Organic Day Spa uses award-winning, Australian luxury spa brands, small-batch, locally made, 100% natural, organic, vegan, non-toxic, made with the highest quality plant essences, extracts and oils to achieve superior results. 

All of our treatments are suitable for both women and men.

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Luxury Cocoon Body Contour Ritual 90 mins - $275
This organic indulgent full body experience is ultra-hydrating, nourishing & repairing for the skin, with anti-defying benefits. This ritual begins with a full body brush to stimulate the lymphatic and immune systems and a magnesium rich body polish to detoxify and smooth the skin while rejuvenating tired muscles; followed by a marine mineral body mask to deliver rich vitamins and marine minerals to the skin; soothing application of organic anti-ageing body balm to nourish the skin, body & mind using a copper body gua sha contouring tool to help myofascial release and reduce cellulite. Leaving your skin naturally radiant, this ritual is perfect to enhance circulation, reduce cellulite, restore tired muscles and nourish dry & dehydrated skin. Featuring the divine WA made organic anti-aging body range by Cocoon Luxury.
The perfect add-on - Back Massage and Ayurvedic Head Massage & Treatment

Arabian Oud Renewal Therapy 90 min - $255
This deluxe treatment works on both face and body to provide a complete head-to-toe experience, delivering incredible results in terms of released muscular tension, improved digestion, detoxification and skin radiance. The benefits of this exceptional holistic treatment extend far beyond the physical. It has a
profound ability to release stored emotions and alleviate negativity to improve emotional, energetic and spiritual wellbeing. This luxurious treatment uses the rarest and most sacred oil on the planet, Oud, which has a profound ability to invoke a deep sense of strength and peace, bringing stillness, focus and clarity to the whole being. Starting with a soothing back massage followed by a luxurious calming facial treatment.
Stay for 2 hours and include a full body massage - $315
The Ultimate - Extended Massage & Crystal Bowl Sound Immersion upgrade - $370 (2hr 20min) 

Ayurveda Balancing Rose Ritual 90 min - $255
Following the ancient healing wisdom of the Ayurveda tradition, this luxurious, organic ritual includes dry brushing to detoxify and energise the Earth element & Kapha Dosha, an aromatic hot towel compress to soothe the back muscles followed by a relaxing back massage to ground the Air and Space elements & Vatta Dosha. A cooling and calming facial follows with a 5 step deep cleanse, a soothing Rose infused face mask, serums, elixirs and tonics as well as a Rose Quartz face massage, to cool and calm the Fire element & Pitta Dosha, while stimulating collagen production & smoothing fine lines. Using the world's first Certified Organic Ayurvedic Skincare range, small-batch handmade right here in Australia, ensuring whole living energy of the plant ingredients are freshly available giving your skin the immediate burst of nutrition it needs. You body, mind and skin will be completely renewed, relaxed and revitalised with this unique and exclusive ritual, available only at Greenhaus Studio.
Stay for 2hr 15min for The Full Ayurvedic Experience - the complete head-to-toe Ayurvedic ritual, includes the above, plus the Ayurvedic Foot Ritual & Head Massage. Pure bliss for just $355

Quiet Mind Ritual 120 min - $365
Designed to ease stress, slow the thoughts and allow the mind to be at ease and connected with the body in the present. Combining meditation & massage with a focus on the back, head, neck, eyes & face to release tension & induce a deep sense of calm. Commencing with a hydrating drink infused with flower essences to support processing of emotions held within the body, followed by a guided mindfulness meditation, Ayurvedic foot scrub, mask & massage, a soothing back massage, followed by our signature Ayurvedic Marma Point face massage with calming Rose Quartz Crystal eye massage, finishing with our Ayurvedic Head Massage. This ritual leaves you feeling calm, connected & equipped with mindfulness techniques to use beyond your treatment. The perfect digital detox for the body & mind.

Greenhaus Rejuvenation Retreat 4 hours - $620 for one person $970 for two
A total body mind rejuvenation experience featuring a personalised restorative yoga sequence, full body soothing massage, customised organic facial, crystal sound bath & guided mindfulness meditation session. Give back to your body & mind with this 4 hour retreat, including vegan snacks & organic herbal wellness tea. An experience like no other to achieve your optimal state of wellbeing.

Greenhaus Custom Spa Ritual 60, 90 or 120 mins - $varies
Let us design the perfect combination of treatments to suit your skin, body & mind, based on how you are feeling, the season and moon cycle.