Massage Rituals

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Our Organic Day Spa uses certified organic massage oil & award-winning, Australian luxury spa brands, small-batch, locally made, 100% natural, organic, vegan, non-toxic, made with the highest quality plant essences, extracts and oils to achieve superior results. 

Couples Spa Packages can be created by selecting any two (or more) treatments to enjoy in our double treatment room. Mention in the comments section when booking that it is for two people.

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Greenhaus Intuitive Massage allow 60 or 90 min - $165 or $230 
A full body rhythmic massage, combining the healing powers of touch, intuition, herbal organic oil blends and traditional massage modalities. Let our experienced, nurturing, intuitive therapists respond to your needs on the day to induce a deep sense of relaxation & an overall sense of wellbeing. Our therapists customise your treatment for you, using a medium to firm pressure, which combined with acupressure, relaxation &, lymphatic techniques to soothe, restore and reconnect body and mind inducing a deep sense of relaxation and wholeness, while releasing any energy blockages via the meridians restoring the body and mind to its optimal state of wellbeing. 
The perfect enhancement: The Essentials Facial

Nurture & Restore Massage allow 90 min - $255
Enter your deepest state of relaxation. This full body massage uses gentle, slow flowing massage techniques to help stimulate the lymphatic system, supporting the body's natural process of eliminating fluids and toxins. Each gentle soothing stroke is performed with a slow rhythm which induces the deepest state of relaxation, the optimal state for healing & wellbeing. Using specially formulated certified organic Ayurvedic massage oil to support rejuvenation, detoxification and wellness. Restore your body, mind and soul with this soothing, light pressure massage designed to boost your immune system, reduces stress and support healthy sleep patterns while reducing fluid retention. 
The perfect enhancement: Ayurvedic Head Massage

Contour & Define Bodywork allow 120 min - $350 
This massage is designed to achieve immediate visible results along with long terms benefits through activating the lymphatic system & circulation. Our fully qualified lymphatic massage therapists use light soothing strokes performing the above lymphatic massage as well as a full body dry brushing and body contour Gua Sha massage. For enhanced contouring, immune boost & to target cellulite, this 2 hour soothing treatment induces relaxation, boosts the immune system, supports the elimination of toxins by up to 20 times faster than normal and stimulates blood flow, providing fresh nutrients to the surface of the skin.
The perfect enhancement: To enhance detoxification our Infrared Sauna

Four Hands Serenity Ritual allow 90 mins - $585 
Rediscover your peaceful self in this Australian exclusive, opulent massage ritual, as two therapists work in synchronicity transporting you to a state of serenity. Soothing massage strokes from four hands calm the nervous system, inducing your deepest state of relaxation, in this synchronised Full Body Massage, including our signature Ayurvedic Marma Point Face Massage and Ayurvedic Head Massage while you experience a soothing Foot Massage with chakra balancing reflexology. Crystal placement, intention setting, chakra balancing essential oils and Ayurvedic energy points connect your body & mind for holistic wellbeing. A unique, nurturing spa ritual like no other in Australia, designed to achieve a deep sense of inner peace, wholeness & calm.

Hot Stone Massage allow 60 or 90 min - $185 or $240
Our custom full body massage incorporating volcanic stones, organic oil and soothing massage strokes, encourages a deep sense of relaxation for the body & mind. The warmth of the stones, promotes greater tension release of the muscles, detoxification, enhanced circulation, while engaging the parasympathetic nervous system to induce a deep state of relaxation that lasts well beyond the treatment. Using our certified organic Ayurvedic body oil formulated to calm & soothe. 
The perfect enhancement: Back Exfoliation

Crystal Healing Body Massage allow 90 min - $255
Deeply meditative, this unique combination of soothing Full Body Massage, Sodashi Chakra Balancing Essential Oil blends, Crystal Placement and Reiki works to ground, balance and soothe the body, mind and spirit. Commencing with a sensory needs test, to determine the essential oil blends your body & mind most desire, this deeply relaxing ritual leaves you feeling balanced, grounded and rejuvenated.
The perfect enhancement: Crystal Face Massage