Ethical Silk Pillowcase
Ethical Silk Pillowcase
Ethical Silk Pillowcase
Ethical Silk Pillowcase
Ethical Silk Pillowcase
Ethical Silk Pillowcase
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Ethical Silk Pillowcase

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Ethical Silk Pillowcases are 100% organic mulberry silk. Ethically made in India.

Enjoy the skin and hair benefits of sleeping on luxurious silk, while supporting the lives of women who face barriers to safe, fair employment, and non-harmful silk production processes.

Peace silk is a semi-rare but increasingly popular alternative to commercially produced silk. Because of the unique processing method, no silkworms are harmed in the production of peace silk. 

Our passions are sustainable and ethical wellbeing. Peace silk is both. That’s why our Peace Silk Pillowcases are made from 100% undyed, organic, peace mulberry silk. 

Our ethical, sustainable silk pillowcases are made from organic silk spun and woven by Cocccon, a GOTS-certified company. 

The Ethical Silk Pillowcase is …

  • made from 100% organic mulberry silk
  • natural, undyed ivory color
  • standard size (27 in x 20 in)

Silk is an incredible natural material with some amazing benefits. For instance, silk is:

  • the strongest natural fiber
  • a breathable fabric
  • a natural temperature regulator
  • smooth and gentle — ideal for sensitive skin
  • able to help improve skin & hair hydration
  • known for promoting smoother hair & skin

This organic silk pillowcase comes packaged in a giftable, reusable handloom cotton pouch with a beautiful mother-of-pearl shell button closure.

Natural Undyed Ivory

Standard size (27 in x 20 in) 

Swahlee creates career opportunities for women in northeast India who face barriers to safe, fair employment. We believe in the power of meaningful job creation to end poverty, impacting lives for generations to come. 


More about Peace Silk
Every year, thousands upon thousands of pounds of silk are spun and sold all over the world. And, every year, billions of silkworms are killed in the process. Did you know that 3,000 silkworms die just to make a single pound of silk? Not only is silk-making cruel to the silkworms; it's unsustainable. 

But silk can be produced ethically.  This silk is known as Peace or Ahimsa Silk. 

Ahimsa | əˈhɪmsɑ | noun. Respect for all living things and avoidance of violence to others; nonviolence. Origin: Sanskrit.