Emotional Wellbeing


Pro·m·emo, Process My Emotions Essences ~ are drop dose essences to support you to process your emotions.

Rediscover emotional wellness & begin your journey to inner peace with these natural essence drops. Return to a state of calmness, clarity, harmony, peace and presence with our six natural essences.

The Natural 5 Element Essences for emotional wellbeing & healing fusing Chinese & Western herbs, homeopathic remedies, Bach flower essences & bio-energetic medicine.

The pro•m•emo natural essences, support you to clear emotional stagnation via the meridians promoting the natural flow of energy in your body in accordance with the 5 element theory derived from thousands of years of ancient Chinese medicine teachings. In 3-5 drops under the tongue or in water, transition through any emotion quickly  simply.

Each of the 6 pro•m•emo natural essences is a blend of Chinese herbal medicines, Western herbal medicines (naturopathy), homeopathic medicines, Bach flower essences and bio-energetic medicine to support your emotional health and wellbeing. Restore balance to your emotional state and utilize our natural essences as a complementary therapy alongside your current healing process and personal journey to wellness.