Carner Barcelona

Carner Barcelona transmits through its perfumes the contemporary and vibrant spirit of Barcelona; its Mediterranean soul, its architecture, culture, history and its effortless way of living.

Signature perfumes, genuine and full of character. Essences with its own identity, entirely manufactured in Barcelona by true artisans.

Perfumes created with the most refined ingredients that evolve on the skin throughout the day, revealing all its facets.

Wood, a classic Mediterranean material, noble and warm, is the DNA of the brand. It is visually represented in the sustainable solid caps of Carner bottles.

The elegant glass bottle is an ode to the contemporary spirit of Barcelona. Its clean and minimalist form represents the simplicity and effortless attitude of living on the Mediterranean coast.

Each perfume box has a special message engraved on the inside that evokes the unique emotion of each fragrance.

We source our ingredients with care through ethical programs that support local communities.

We believe in creating captivating scents without compromising the welfare of animals.

Our wooden caps are more than just a design statement; they come from responsibly managed European forests.

In our dedication to reducing waste, our body line packaging uses only post-consumer recycled materials.

Our formulas are made with clean ingredients, entirely free from sulfates, parabens, and phthalates.

Our journey towards sustainability never ends. We're continuously seeking greener ingredients and refining our practices to minimize our carbon footprint

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