Chakra Balance 4 : Love - Essential Oil & Crystal Set
Chakra Balance 4 : Love - Essential Oil & Crystal Set

Chakra Balance 4 : Love - Essential Oil & Crystal Set

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*Comes with corresponding crystal stone - Rose Quartz*

4th (heart) chakra

For cultivation of the expression of love – both for ourselves and towards others

The heart chakra is located at the dorsal spine behind the heart. It governs love, compassion, circulation and devotion.
When off balance it can lead to over-loving, jealousy, abandonment, anger, loneliness and bitterness.

Corresponding crystals: rose quartz, green jade, green tourmaline, peridot.

Apply over the sternum in the heart to balance the heart chakra and feel joy, love, gratitude and compassion.

How to use:
Apply the sodashi chakra oils to the imbalanced chakra in a circular motion, twice daily (on rising and retiring). Continue application for a minimum of 7 days to a maximum of 28 days, until feelings of imbalance have dissipated.  If more than one chakra requires balancing, begin with the lowest chakra first.  It is recommended that only one chakra be treated at a time.
Use your favourite chakra oil to assist with balancing the mind, mood and emotions.
Positive affirmations for the heart chakra.
-I deeply and completely love and accept myself.
-I am open to love and kindness.
-I am peaceful. 
Use the oil together with a rose quartz crystal to balance the heart chakra