Making the Switch to Clean Beauty

What is Clean Beauty

CLEAN BEAUTY is an unregulated term generally referring to products that are “clean “or ‘free from’ harmful ingredient. Whilst having positive sounding connotations, it is still a good idea to make sure that the ingredients in the products you are using are actually beneficial to your skin. Even when a product is referred to as “CLEAN” it doesn’t necessarily mean it is free from synthetic ingredients. This is why at Greenhaus Studio, we only choose organic, 100% natural, cruelty-free and vegan (not the same as cruelty-free) products. We also ensure these products are sustainably sourced, produced and packaged, as we believe that our wellbeing shouldn’t be at the expense of the planet or the creatures we share it with.

Why Make the Switch

TOXIN FREE doesn’t necessarily indicate that the product is synthetic ingredient free. Unfortunately, the majority of skincare products available include synthetic ingredients. This is because using synthetic ingredients can make manufacturing easier, shelf-life longer and the fragrance more pleasant. Many of these synthetic ingredients are also known hormone or endocrine system disruptors, skin and lung irritants and immunotoxins. Reducing the toxic load on the body supports our overall wellbeing. Many find that after making the switch their immune system and hormone health have been restored. Many of the brands proudly represented at Greenhaus were created by women, who decided to make the switch to clean beauty while in the process of getting pregnant. The less synthetics being produced, consumed and washed down the drain, also supports the wellbeing of our planet.

Where to Begin

It may seem like a lot to begin with, but implementing small changes, step by step, into each area of your personal care routine, can have a significate and immediate improvement on your wellbeing


The most common offenders found in skincare are parabens which are preservatives and known hormone/endocrine disruptors. Many have been banned by the European Commission, but are still in use in other countries including Australia.

Sulphates and propylene glycols are known skin irritants and disrupt the natural defence or microbiome of the skin.

To begin making the switch, start with the products you use the most like your cleanser, toner, serum/face oil and moisturiser.

A simple skincare routine to start with could look like this:
Cleanse : Sodashi Clay Cleanser with Sandalwood
Tone : Aika Pitta Tonic
Nourish: Bear WONDER face oil
Moisturise: Mokosh Light Face Cream


Switch from a chemical to a physical (natural) sunscreen – Our Avocado Zinc SPF 50 is a physical sunscreen made from all natural ingredients

The FDA has recently raised concerns about a common ingredient in chemical sunscreens called octocrylene, a suspected carcinogen that can also interfere with key hormones and reproductive organs. Many countries around the world have also banned certain sunscreens due to the harmful effect on reef and ocean life. Switching to a physical sunscreen not only protects you from harmful ingredients but is also reef-safe.


Perfumes often contain hazardous phthalates (preservatives), which have been banned in the EU, that have been linked to numerous health issues. Synthetic fragrances have been known to trigger immune issues, skin irritation and headaches.

Start will one of our best-selling natural perfumes, free from toxins and harmful chemicals: RECREATION – This Love of Mine and ONE SEED - Dreamer


Reducing our toxic load is important, but so is boosting our immune system and gut health which can help our bodies deal with the toxins we are exposed to.

Try starting with our range of Ingestible beauty by IMBIBE:

Beauty Renewal – a daily vegan probiotic drink to support gut health, microbial diversity and glowing skin

Protect – a daily full-spectrum powder for immune protection and defence, stress and sleep management and collagen formation and preservation.  

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