The Power of Colloidal Metals in Skincare

Colloidal metals are micro-particles of an element suspended in purified water, and they’ve been used in anti-aging, medicinal and healing practices for centuries. Colloidal Cooper boosts skin regeneration, stimulates collagen and elastin, helps reduces fine lines and evens skin tone. Colloidal Gold nourishes and protects the skin against early signs of ageing and is known for its ability to heal micro damage. Colloidal Silver is frequently used in hospitals as topical wound dressing as it has been shown to be antibacterial and promote healing, making it ideal for acne and damaged skin. It has been shown to help regenerate and protect the skin. Our beautiful range by Vanessa Megan utilises the power of colloidal metals in several of their products, here are some of our favourites:

Group 11 Active Mist

This dynamic facial mist utilises the power of an ancient trio of naturally occurring elements, Copper, Silver and Gold, known as "Group 11”.

Suspended micro-particles of each element are delivered into the epidermis to stimulate cell regrowth and repair.

Group 11 is known to boost production of collagen and elastin to help firm skin and diminish fine lines, sagging skin and wrinkles.

Uniting this trio of precious colloids with moisture rich Hyaluronic Acid and wild harvested extracts from the Australian outback creates the ultimate daily beauty boost for all skin types, leaving you with a bright, glowing complexion.

Copper & Rose Firming Eye Cream

Packed with hand-picked ingredients from nature to support the active eye area and help reduce puffiness, dark circles, fine lines and dehydration.

Copper and Hibiscus Peptides work in tandem to support the structural integrity of your skin by promoting collagen and elastin production.

When used consistently over time, this eye cream has been shown to minimise dark circles and fine lines as well as inhibit the formation of new wrinkles, meaning you’re left bright eyed and refreshed. 

Aeon Azure – Regenerative Night Cream

This rich, regenerative night repair face and neck cream helps you achieve dermal transformation and radiance by submerging your skin in all day moisture, protecting the surface layers from environmental pollutants, helping soothe dryness and assisting in repairing the skin's external barrier using peptides from nature and anti-ageing hero backuchiol, natures alternative to retinol.

Using some of the most exquisite and potent ingredients Mother Nature has to offer, including colloidal gold & copperAEON Azure™ helps you age positively by assisting in the softening of fine lines and redness while deeply moisturising and plumping the dermal layers resulting in a firmer, rejuvenated complexion.

Auric 24k Gold & Wild Herb Serum

This dynamic serum has been formulated in the tradition of phytotherapy, using medicinal plants to heal and support the skin’s natural fauna to achieve true dermal radiance.

We’ve partnered a potent blend of 18 wild herb extracts including anti-oxidant rich Resveratrol, nature’s retinol, Bakuchiol together with pure 24K gold and Hyaluronic Acid to help plump fine lines, boost skin elasticity and aid in reversing the signs of ageing, leaving your complexion looking and feeling firm, youthful and positively glowing

Gold & Lime Caviar Sheet Masks

Get flawlessly smooth, spot-light ready skin with this next generation sheet mask composed entirely of bio-available ingredients.

An eco-friendly alternative to traditional sheet mask fibres, this bio-cellulose coconut membrane mask boasts an unsurpassed ability to retain moisture. The fibres of the coconut membrane fit to the contours of your face like a second skin, offering you superior hydration, adhesion and ingredient penetration.

Superstar ingredient Colloidal Gold is a potent age preventative known to heal microdamage, increase elasticity, slow collagen depletion and stimulate cells to help firm skin.

A natural AHA and powerful anti-oxidant, Fingerlime Caviar supports collagen production and encourages cellular turnover while anti-bacterial Colloidal Silver calms inflammation.

Vitamin C rich Australian natives Davidson and Kakadu Plums help repair and restore your skin, giving you a spa-quality treatment at home to deeply re-hydrate, prevent premature aging and restore radiance to dry, dull complexions.

Two of our most popular facials utilise the power of these ingredients..

Brightening Cryo Lift Facial

This dynamic, 100% natural skin resurfacing treatment uses potent ingredients from nature and extreme polar temperatures, inducing the body's natural healing system, achieving immediate and lasting results with zero downtime. Prebiotic exfoliation and pure Vitamin C naturally heat the skin to induce immediate collagen synthesis. Using Vanessa Megan's award-winning Cryo Ice Cube Serum, skin is rapidly cooled, flooding the cells with nutrient rich ingredients known to repair, regenerate and hydrate the skin. Followed by 24k Gold serums, triple mask and active mists, this supernatural skin cell regeneration leaves your skin plumper, brighter and lifted, while our holistic massage techniques reconnect and relax your body & mind.

Purifying Detox

Like a reset button for congested skin, this intensive cleansing treatment uses powerful ingredients from nature to purify skin at it's deepest levels with zero downtime. A prebiotic exfoliation lifts built up oil and pollutants from your pores. Followed by flushing your skin with potent, natural clarifying and anti-contestant ingredients in our organic peel (including lactic acid, glycolic acid, citric acid, malic acid and tartaric acid), while combining techniques for lymphatic drainage, point therapy and mattifying clay mask leave your skin ultra clean, refreshed and mattified.

Coming soon...our revised Collagen Restore Facial...


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